AppyHour Subscription Box: Why You NEED This! (Plus 15% off with our coupon code!)

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We are super excited to share the AppyHour subscription box with you and explain why this is one food subscription box that gets two thumbs up from us!!

What is AppyHour Subscription Box?

Crackers, Olives, Cheese and meats from an AppyHour Subscription box for charcuterie board

What is AppyHour Box?

AppyHour box is a selection of curated food products sourced from food artisans. The folks at AppyHour prioritize finding high quality products and clean production processes to create specialty food items that are unique and exciting.

Meat and cheese and honey laid out on a cutting board for entertaining

How an AppyHour Subscription Box Works

Once you sign up for your first subscription box, your first box will be shipped out.

  • Make sure to use this link to Sign up for AppyHour so that you save 15% on your first box with code: SHESHARED15 *right now, when you use our link, you will also get FREE Brie for a year in all of your boxes!

Each month, they will email you details about the next box. It’s typically based on a geography or a season. You choose your delivery date or choose to skip. The process if very simple and manageable so that you always know what to expect and you can control your deliveries with confidence.

Meat and cheese and olives laid out as appetizers for a party

Our AppyHour Box Review (and why we love it)

If you are like us, you probably love snacks and entertaining but struggle to find the time to shop and plan for setting out a food arrangement. AppyHour takes all of the hard work out of selecting products and let’s you enjoy the fun part: the arrangement!

Olives, cheeses, meats and crackers on an appetizer tray for a party

Another thing that we love about receiving these boxes is that they provide for a fun excuse to have a date night in or an excuse to entertain. Right out of the box, these curated packages make wonderful arrangements and create an adventure in food tasting!

Jar of dipping sauce, olives in a bowl and cheese and meats on a party platter

Plus, we’ve got a great way for you to save when you try out AppyHour!

Heart shaped appetizer tray full of meats and cheeses and finger foods

AppyHour Coupon Code: Save 15%

We are excited to share that AppyHour coupon code SHESHARED15 will save you 15% off your first AppyHour box! Sign up for AppyHour and you will save 15% on your first box with code: SHESHARED15 *right now, when you use our link, you will also get FREE Brie for a year in all of your boxes!

Close up of party food on a party charcuterie board platter including meats, cheese and crackers and olives

Why We Love This Appetizer Subscription Box

We are all busy, right? And sometimes, it’s the little things that take the most time. For me, stopping to grab appetizers is always an expensive and time consuming grocery run. AppyHour makes you look like a pro, and it’s a great way to serve unique and delicious appetizers without having to plan or shop!

Look how you can make a charcuterie board easily with the ingredients that come in your AppyHour box:

Meats and cheeses spread out on a heart shaped cutting board with drinks and fruit surrounding the tray

Plus, we’ve got some delicious recipes to pair with the charcuterie board you make with the appetizers that come in your subscription box!

Food for a charcuterie board from items in an AppyHour subscription box laid out on a counter

Here are a few favorite She Shared recipes to consider:

Sometimes entertaining isn’t about a lot of work! It’s about a lot of creativity and great choices when it comes to planning and making things easier on yourself. Making a lovely charcuterie board with goodies from a monthly food subscription box, is a great way to start!

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